Ice on Whyte Festival Production Team

The festival has grown so much over the past 10 years that some of the festival production work takes place year round. Much of the behind-the-scenes production work takes place between February and August. The production team swings into high gear in early September. As the producer of the festival, I believe that Ice on Whyte has the best festival production team. Some individuals have been part of the team for a number of years and a few are new this year. Only Delayne has been here for all 11 years! The Ice on Whyte Festival team enjoy working together to bring you Alberta's premier ice and snow carving festival. See you there!

Wanda Bornn, Festival Producer
Erin Edward, Assistant Festival Producer
Delayne Corbett, Artistic Director and Artist in Residence
Gordon Shepherd, Site and Logistics Manager
Sue Lacombe, Administrator
Katelyn Oliver, Volunteer Coordinator
Jenn McCoy, Children's Programming
Ben Bartkus, Cultural Programming Coordinator
Matt Vest, Lighting Designer
Larry Andreoff, Artist in Residence
Cliff Vacheresse, Site Builder
Mark Berge, Site Builder

Several international artists come to Edmonton ahead of the festival and work alongside the production team to create the ice and snow works of art in the park. 


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