Can I bring my dog?

Actually the question should be, "can my dog bring me?" The answer is yes, if your dog brings you, make sure you are securely attached to a leash at all times and that you have a baggie in your pocket.

Why are there ice walls around the competition ice carvings?

The festival operates a safe environment for all visitors. Each of the ice carvings in the competition area weights over 2,000 kgs (4,500 lbs). These works of art can become unstable in warmer temperatures. Thank you for never crossing over an ice wall at any time. Visitors who cross over the walls will be dismissed from the park immediately. 

Will there be skates if I don't have any?

Yes, free skates for all ages are provided by Sports Central.

Why is the ice so crystal clear?

Carving ice is made by a special process that freezes from the bottom up, so its perfectly clear. Its a fascinating process, visit our supplier's website, www.iceculture.com and check out some of their videos.

How much ice is being used this year?

Three 3 semi loads of ice will be used. That's over 500 blocks of ice, 70,200 kg's or nearly 155,000 lbs of ice.

Where does the ice come from?

The ice comes from Ice Culture near Mississauga, Ontario. It is one of very few carving ice manufacturing plants in Canada.

Where should I park?

FREE parking is available in the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market parking lot on Gateway Blvd (103 Street) and 85 Avenue except for during market hours (Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm). The is NO festival parking at the Strathcona Centre Community League. Please be a good neighbour and park in an approved lot.

Is the festival handicap accessible?

There are walkways in the park however, they are paths created in the snow. If you have someone with you to assist you, it should be fine. 

Does the festival offer discounts to non-profit groups?

The festival is presented by the Ice on Whyte Festival Society, a non-profit society. We do not offer discounts. Please visit our sponsors' websites as many of them offer 2-for-1 discount coupons.



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