ATCO Gas International Ice Carving Competition

The Ice Carving Competition is taking place as scheduled. These extremely talented ice carvers will work from 7 am to 10 pm on Saturday and Sunday and finish up their masterpieces at noon on Sunday! See them work in these challenging conditions.

The 2015 ATCO Gas International Ice Carving Competition takes place January 23 to 25, 2015. 9 teams of incredibly talented professional ice carvers will compete for top prize and 4 teams of novice ice carvers will compete for a berth in the professional category in 2016.

Ice on Whyte is very pleased to announce the following slate of Professional Category Artists for the 2015 ATCO Gas International Ice Carving Competition.

  1. Team Sakha – Alexey & Egor from the Republic of Sakha in Russia – 1st Place Professional 2014 - creating Girl Archer
  2. Team Lithuania – Donatas & Inese from Lithuania – creating Angel
  3. Double Dutch Trouble – Wilfred & Edith from the Netherlands – creating Dance
  4. Kee & Scott – Kee & Scott from Malaysia and Calgary, AB – creating Phoenix
  5. Team Latvia – Sandis & Uldis from Seattle, WA and Latvia – creating Metamorphosis
  6. aRTe Ice Carving NZ – Roger & Magda from New Zealand – creating Wonders of the Southern Ocean Seas
  7. Ice of Siberia – Fedor & Steve from the Republic of Sakha in Russia and Edmonton – creating – Path of Tundra
  8. The Artists formerly known as Gansta Train – Cliff & Mark from Edmonton – 1st place Novice 2014 – creating Gangsta Train
  9. Cox Lassonde Ice – Rusty & Francois from Fairmont Hot Springs, BC and Edmonton, AB – creating Mananaaaaaa

The Novice Category Artists for 2015 are:

  1. Singing Ice – Muid & Shahab from Calgary, AB – creating Wind Beneath my Wings
  2. Chisel Magic – Robert & David from Edmonton, AB – creating Galactic Pals
  3. Team CNC – Cole & Chuck from Calgary, AB – creating The Last Lucky Penny
  4. A Chip of The Old Block – Charles and Joe from Edmonton, AB – creating Joint Power

Three qualified judges critique the carvings and allocate points based on First Impression, Structure, Skill and Technique, Details, Concept and Design, Creativity and Artistic Merit.

The judges for the Professional Category are Ikuo Kanbayashi, Pat Galbraith and Delayne Corbett.

Two of the professional ice carvers will judge the novice category based on the same categories as the professional artist’s sculptures.

The ice carving awards ceremony take place on Sunday, January 25 at approximately 4 pm on the ATCO Stage.

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