Ice Carving Competition

Since 2009 Ice on Whyte has hosted an International Ice Carving Competition. Artists have come from as far away as Russia, Latvia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Mexico, the UK, the US, the Netherlands and Canada.

The art created by these teams is exceptionally amazing and every year the judges comment on the quality of the artist’s creations.

Ice carving is a performance art so the ice carvings change as the sun, wind and overall weather conditions affect the carving.

In 2015, Ice on Whyte is inviting 10 teams of ice carvers to compete in the professional category and 5 teams of ice carvers to compete in the novice category. Professional and Novice category teams consist of 2 artists per team.

Three qualified judges critique the professional artist’s sculptures and allocate points based on First Impression, Structure, Skill and Technique, Details, Concept and Design, Creativity and Artistic Merit. Two of the professional ice carvers will judge the novice category based on the same categories as the professional artist’s sculptures.

The ice carving awards ceremony take place on Sunday, January 25 at approximately 4 pm.

Mark you calendar for some icey fun from January 23 to February 1, 2015!

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