Ice On Whyte 2012 Wraps Up with Stunning Displays!

Chainsaw Wally here! Ice On Whyte 2012 wrapped up on Sunday night, January 22, and whoohee what a time we had! A huge crowd pleaser was the 10 foot fire and ice chimney that lit up the sky on Sunday at End of Steel Park.  Yessir, ya got that right: the 'chimney' was made of ice bricks!  They lit a big fire in the middle and then the hundreds of people watched as fire licked inside, and out the top of, the ice! 

Everybody was placin' bets on when the first ice brick would melt - and when it did the crowd was just a-hootin' and a-hollerin'!  Finally there was a big pop and that there chimney started to melt down.  The young-uns and the old-uns all loved it, donchya know.

What a great festival it was this year!  For the first time we had us a site at the Alberta Legislature - with free street car rides back and forth from Old Strathcona!  

And Ice On Whyte had us all kinds of entertainment too: didya know the Beijing Opera even sang on Sunday?  If that don't beat all! 

Frozen Friday Karaoke didn't disappoint either.  Them rascals that get up to their outstandin' rendition of the Bohemian Rhapsody was up to it again - and this time they was even better than ever!  That is a sight to behold and a performance surely worth catchin'!

The kiddies just couldn't get enough of all the ice slides, the ice maze, the interactive snow sculptures like the Kid Eatin' Monster, and all the sculptures, as well as the giant ice slide of course.  They was just a-scurryin' everywhere, playin' in the park, sayin' "Ma, I wanna go again!" and takin' pictures of the ice sculptures.  I was on the grounds (yessir, I was, and maybe you mighta seen me! Next year be sure to say hi!) and I heard 'em gettin' all fired up and excited about the sculptures; sayin' things like, "How do they ever pick first place winners - because all of them are so good!"

And they was right: all o' the ice and snow sculptures were enough to make an ol' ice sculptor like me jealous if I weren't so dad-blamed proud of what them international ice carvers made!  Did ya see 'em?  Just click on our Facebook page to see some of the pictures!  Those sculptures'll make your jaw drop!  Why, they made gigantic ice bugs and ferries and flowers and centaurs and moose heads and even a prayin' mantis!  By gum, you ain't seen nothin' till you seen a 7 foot prayin' mantis made o' ice!

Oh, and on the note of pictures, today is the last day to enter your Ice On Whyte photos into our 2012 Photo Contest!  Just post your pictures on our Facebook page before midnight on Monday, January 23.  The photo with the most Likes wins!  The winner receives a fantastic gift basket filled with incredible items from Old Strathcona businesses!  The winner will be announced all official-like in early February. 

Thanks for comin' to the Fest and for makin' Ice On Whyte one of the coolest festivals (pardon the pun) in the whole wide world!

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