What We Do

The festival has grown so much over the past 13 years that some of the festival production work takes place year round. The behind-the-scenes fundraising work happens between February and August and the entire production team swings into high gear in early September.

The development in End of Steel Park begins on January 2, 2017.

Ice on Whyte is fortunate to have a stellar production team and some individuals have been part of the team for a many years.

The Ice on Whyte Festival production team enjoy working together to bring you Alberta’s premier winter festival.

Production Management Team:
Wanda Bornn, Festival Producer
Linda Brenneman Snider, Program Manager
Marie Scarlett, Operations Manager
Gordon Shepherd, Site and Logistics Manager
Jill Roszell, Internship Manager
Sarah Fabrizius, Office Administrator, Volunteer and School Program Coordinator
Cliff Vacheresse, Ice and Snow Artist and Builder
Mark Berge, Ice and Snow Artist and Builder

A site build team joins the production management team in early January to help create the amazing elements of the festival.

A team of post-secondary students, supported by Volunteer Alberta’s SCiP program, intern with the festival’s production team during the festival in program delivery, volunteer coordination, special events presentation, visitor services and more.

Several international artists also come to Edmonton ahead of the festival and work alongside the production team to create the ice and snow works of art in the park.


Sand on Whyte Festival:

The summer version of Ice on Whyte takes place in early July in Old Strathcona. Professional sand carving artists create a fantastic sand carving exhibit for visitors to enjoy.

Ice on Whyte Outreach Program:

The Ice on Whyte Festival Society also provides mini-winter festival services to communities across northern Alberta. Our expert team of ice and snow carvers come to your community to create winter magic by building ice slides, snow mazes as well as ice and snow carvings. The team will work with members the communities and provide ice and snow carving mentorship. The L’il Chipper Ice Carving programming also travels to communities and can arrive with the 40′ inflatable igloo, the L’il Chipper ice carving tables and instructors. Please email info@iceonwhyte.ca for more info.