Boardwalk Ice on Whyte returns in 2022

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See Some of the Best Ice Carving Talent From Around the World!

Boardwalk Ice on Whyte hosts one of three international ice carving competitions in Canada alongside Winterlude in Ottawa, and Ice Magic in Lake Louise.

2020 Boardwalk Ice on Whyte International Ice Carving Competition Teams

CAPAN – Yoshinobu Nakadera & Shawn Hutzul from Japan & Canada creating My Sweetheart

Double Dutch Trouble – Wilfred Stijger & Edith van de Wetering from the Netherlands creating Dance Macabre                             

Elegant Dream – Don Lowing & Mowafak Nema from the United States & Iraq creating Aladdin and the Jinny                             

Hagal – Julio Martinez & Ryan Hill from Mexico & Canada creating The King of Blashyrk <——

Kee & Nathan – Kee Gawah & Nathan McKeough from Malaysia & Canada creating Strathcona Blues

Kram & FFilc – Cliff Vacheresse & Mark Berge from Edmonton, creating Dexturbia

Ledus – Karlis Ile & Maija Puncule from Latvia creating Rain

Team Sakha* – Egor Stepanov & Alexey Andreev from the Republic of Sakha in Russia creating Melody of Autumn Skies
* Winner of the 2019 Canada Cup of Ice Carving

What’s so special about carving ice?

Carving ice is made by a special process that freezes water from the bottom up in a Clinebell machine. This process allows the impurities to rise to the top and be trimmed off, resulting in a crystal clear block of ice. Each block of ice is 1M (40″) X .5M (20″) X .25M (10″) and weighs 135 KG (297 LBS).

How do the judges score the carvings?

The carvings are scored by skilled judges and each ice carving is judged on first impression, structure, skill and technique, details, concept and design, creativity and artistic merit.


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