Boardwalk Ice on Whyte returns in 2022

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Teachers, are you looking for an outdoor learning experience for 2021?

Boardwalk Ice on Whyte In Your Town has ice carving demonstrations that can be brought to your school. For more information, please contact:

L’il Chipper Ice Carving Lessons Return in 2022

The Boardwalk Ice on Whyte Festival is pleased to present the L’il Chipper ice carving lessons for school groups. In this program, students get a hands-on ice carving lesson, a guided tour of the International Competition Ice Carvings, a live ice carving demonstration and question period.

The L’il Chipper ice carving lessons take place in a heated tent.

There will be a dedicated area for students to enjoy snacks or lunches they bring along.

Each registered school group will receive a confirmation letter that will confirm your snack time, details for parking and general information about your field trip.

Ages: Grade 3- Grade 9

Curriculum Based Art Programming:

  • Reflection – Component 1: Analysis
  • Depiction – Component 4: Main forms & Proportions, Component 6: Qualities & Details
  • Composition – Component 9: Craftsmanship
  • Expression – Component 10 (iii): Media & Techniques – Concept D: Sculptures

Class Size: There is room for 60 students in each time slot. When you go to purchase your tickets, you will only be able to buy tickets for the number of openings available in your time slot. Please check another time slot if you cannot purchase enough tickets at a time.

Cost: $5.00 per student (no charge for teachers and up to 5 parent volunteers)

Payment: All payments must be made by credit card upon registration.

Registration Cut-Off Date: January 10, 2022

Contact for more information.

Ice on Whyte will:
  • provide the ice carving lesson in a heated tent
  • provide a designated area for snacks and lunches

Schools Will:
  • preregister their class
  • purchase 1 ticket for each student via our online ticket purchase system
  • collect their school board’s approved waiver forms from all participating students
  • provide transportation to and from Boardwalk Ice on Whyte
  • ensure that bus drivers park in the designated parking spots to unload and load students
  • ensure that the children are dressed properly for outdoor activities
  • provide 4 – 5 adults to supervise each group of 30 students on site and in the igloo (teachers and volunteer supervisors are not required to pay the registration fee)
  • ensure that children do not leave the designated snack area with food or beverages at any time

Cancellation Policy

If Boardwalk Ice on Whyte cancels your class trip for any reason, your school will be refunded the full amount paid. If your school cancels with Boardwalk Ice on Whyte with less than 14 days notice, no refund will be provided.

L’il & Big Chippers Gallery

The real fun starts when temperatures drop below zero.