The 12th Annual Ice On Whyte Festival
January 23rd To February 1st, 2015!

Welcome to the Ice on Whyte Festival

It’s a Treasure Chest Filled with Fun at the Ice on Whyte Festival till February 1.

Join us at End of Steel Park in Old Strathcona for outdoor art, music, food, crafts and fun!

Check out the Calendar of Events for website Jan 28 and to the end of the festival. Every day is filled with activities like live music, crafts, food, the Rusty Anchor Grog Stop for grown ups and much more! Where can you go for $6 for adults and $3 for children and have this much fun?

Starting this afternoon, there will be new ice and snow carvings created by award winning local and international ice carvings next to the competition pieces and throughout the park.

Ice Carving is a performance art and sometimes Mother Nature modifies the beautiful ice carvings and the giant ice slide more quickly than we wish she would. The competition pieces are not pristine as when they were completed on Sunday Jan 25 at noon, however they are beautifully interesting in their own way. Girl Archer, the winning sculpture, has shed a tear or two in the plus temperatures. 

The giant ice slide is safe and sound to slide down on. Grown ups, please be respectful and remind your children to be respectful of the snow walls on the slide. Kicking and punching them might seem like fun at the time, but it will ruin the fun for the rest of the visitors.

Here are some of the highlights till February 1st:

  • music lovers groove to the live music on the Northlands Stage
  • kids get their Pirate On Saturday the 31st
  • kids create lovely crafts, get their faces painted and learn to carving ice in the igloo (and yes, grown ups can participate in all of these activities too)
  • children run and play in the interactive Agrium Kids’ Zone (there’s a giant checker game and jenga too)
  • screams of delight echo from the Giant Ice Slide
  • you try snow shoeing on 40 Below Day on Jan 28
  • visitors sip on a delicious hot beverages in the YESS Café
  • lovers snuggle up for a Movie on Date Night on Jan 29
  • talent takes to the stage for Frozen Friday Karaoke on Jan 30 (Bohemian Rhapsody alert)
  • tasty bowls of stew are eaten at the 1st Annual Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market Stew Off on Jan 31
  • the Rusty Anchor Grog Stop serves up grog and our signature Hornswaggle Hot Chocolate
  • you skate all 8 missions in the Skate-a-thon in support of STARS Air Ambulance on Feb 1, STARS Pledge Sheet and support STARS Air Ambulance
  • the Fire & Ice Extravaganza lights up the evening sky on closing night on Feb 1
  • you try to do everything there is to do at the Ice on Whyte Festival!

Adult Tickets are $6, Child (2-12) Tickets are $3 and under 2 are free.

Tickets are available at the gate. Cash, Visa, Mastercard and debit are accepted OR don’t wait in line, get your tickets here and zip through the Boardwalk VIP Entrance

Winter in Edmonton The real fun starts when temperatures drop below zero. For everything there is to see and do in Edmonton this winter visit

Happy Canada Day from #ICEONWHYTE to you! 🍁

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